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Our Story

All journeys have stories. 


At TriCitie the craft of needlework and mastery in sewing clothing runs in our family, owing to skills inherited by our Great-grandmother, passed on through generations of quality craftsmanship. As a proud family-owned and operated business, we take pride in our long-running traditions. These customary experiences offer us the blended expertise of various kinds of apparel - designed with comfort, style, and longevity in mind.

Our values are simple. We aspire to add comfort and convenience to the lives of our clients by producing refined, creative designs and clothing that you’re able to cherish for many seasons. In achieving our eco-social responsibility we constantly strive to locate the best low-impact materials, without compromising on quality.


It’s time to start your journey with us from Cape Town to wherever you are in the world.




Family. Village. Tribe


Danielle & Bevan

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