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Press Release

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Who: Cape Town-based Sister and Brother design duo Danielle and Bevan offer ready-to-wear garments that are founded on the inclusion and understanding of the importance of family. This being the ethos of the company that “what counts for one should count for all” All garments were and are designed with a fit for every body in mind-designed with comfort, longevity, and style.

Birthed out the craft and skill of needlework as well as the mastery in sewing clothing that runs in their genes, inherited from their great-grandmother quality craftsmanship, traditions, and hawing their skills this duo is sure to make tread in the design and fashion space.

Inspiration: With many years of constant struggles to find designs that were and are simple yet, being beautiful at the same time- we decided to create garments for ourselves by ourselves! With this being said we creating pieces that are and will reflect all.

Why: We saw the need for designs that represent not only beauty but also practically combined with eliminating vast amounts of synthetic fabrics.

We’re a low-impact business and our aim is to eventually become zero waste. Our signature design medium is that our current collection will be longstanding and we’re working on adding more garments to the current collection. We’re not wanting to create a new collection every year/season but to add to the current offering thus eliminating the fad of typical fast fashion. Our clothing is art and should be treated as such.

How: Designed to be flattering and catering to all: as TriCitie we believe that fashion is for everyone regardless of one’s age, shape, or clothing size.

We understand and believe in making comfortable, convenient, and inclusive garments. Our sizing caters and ranges from XS-3XL truly a garment for everyone if not, we will custom make it!

Covid-19 impact: For almost every industry, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a monumental influence, as it follows that the fashion industry has also undergone the consequences of a global health crisis. Additionally, more pressure has been placed on SMEs, which are still having to cope with the contracting current economy. As TriCitie despite it all, we have managed to stay afloat as Covid-19 has accelerated the need for a visible online presence for clothing brands and stores. TriCitie’s website allows customers locally and internationally to shop and checkout online at their convenience.

"Our values are simple. We aspire to add comfort and convenience to the lives of our clients by producing refined, creative designs and clothing that you’re able to cherish for many seasons. In achieving our eco-social responsibility we constantly strive to locate the best low-impact materials, without compromising on quality.

It’s time to start your journey with us from Cape Town to wherever you are in the world."


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